‘Now Cracks A Noble Heart …..’ JCM Sad News


I’m so sorry to have to pass this news on to you all so soon after the first contact about Jill’s health, but I got a call from Imogen today.

Sadly, Jill passed away – very peacefully, I understand, with Imogen and Imogen’s brother at her bedside – at around 1.30 pm on Sunday afternoon.  She had enjoyed having the cards she received on Friday and Saturday read out to her, so she knew folk were thinking of her.  It’s just a shame the majority of people’s cards will arrive too late.  I’m sure Imogen will take great solace from your memories of Jill when this week’s cards are passed on to her by the hospice though.

The main thing, however, is that Jill is now at peace and no longer in any pain or discomfort.  I believe the funeral is likely to be live streamed so please watch this space for details when I get them.

Love and God Bless to you all.  This has all happened very quickly.

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