Grey is the colour of the day, 2nd December 2015


Longman’s Contemporary Dictionary tells us that ‘if the weather is grey, the sky is full of clouds and the sun is not bright’.  Such a day was today: there was no doubt that we were now in December.  Grey clouds, grey steel, grey mood.  Whilst the new build structure was clearly more advanced each week, it was becoming harder to photograph in different ways and now it only just fitted into frame.


Today, though it was exciting to see a concrete floor now in place, even at the old building extension the main colour was also grey.

The concrete floor is now laid in the old build extension.
A grey concrete floor has recently just been completed in the old building extension.

Looking back over my shoulder as I left the site, there was a sense of brittleness and sparseness that only Winter brings to Tankerville.  The trees look so much smaller bereft of all their leaves and the broken pane of glass I now noticed in one of the staffroom windows did nothing to alleviate that sombre dog days of December feeling.

Winter trees and cleared shrubbery.
Grey December Day: broken window pane & winter trees.


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